Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors is designed to add depth and breadth to students’ programs of study and intellectual development. Students in Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors benefit from the resources and capabilities of a large and dynamic research university along with the personal attention, small class sizes, and intellectual community that characterize smaller, selective liberal arts colleges. Some of the opportunities offered to students in LAS Honors include:

  • Honors Classes
  • Small group Honors Seminars
  • Collaborations with individual faculty members on Honors projects
  • Extended library loan privileges
  • Research grants
  • Participation in regional & national Honors conferences and events
  • Housing with other Honors students
  • 24-hour use of Jischke Honors Building
  • Priority registration for classes for full members
  • Social and educational events organized by Honors Student Board

Graduation in the Honors program is recognized by a special notation on the student’s diploma and permanent record. Honors students also wear white Honors cords at graduation.