All students who graduate with Honors are required to complete an Honors Project. The goals of the Honors Project are to:

Enhance your future

  • Your project can be a special facet of your application to graduate or professional school.
  • Your project can show a future employer your ability to design and execute a project.

Enrich your academic experience

  • Your project can add a dimension to your program of study that non-honors students do not have.
  • Your project can synthesize your major(s) and minor(s).
  • Your project can be a capstone integrating the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your university experience.
  • Your project should contribute to the body of knowledge about your subject.

At the end of your project you will share your findings at the end of the semester Honors Poster presentation.

Honors Project Proposal Process

How to start the project proposal

  • You and your project advisor develop your project proposal. Your project advioer must be an ISU faculty member. He/she should be someone you will enjoy collaborating with as your project evolves.
  • The LAS Honors Committee must approve your project proposal before you begin your research.
  • Your honors project topic should be in an area in which you have some background or expertise. It does not need to be in your major. The project should provide you with an intellectual challenge above and beyond what a regular student would have.

How and when to submit your project proposal

  • Project proposals must be submitted at least one semesters before you graduate. Late proposals will not be accepted. Spring and summer graduates – September 21 of the preceding year Fall graduates – February 21
  • You are welcome to submit earlier than the specified deadline. If you are planning to student teach or study abroad during your final semester you should consider submitting and presenting earlier. If you want to start doing research as part of a summer experience, you should submit a preliminary project proposal before your start of your summer program.

Questions? If you have additional questions about the proposal process or your specific proposal you may contact Mason Babcock, the LAS Honors Committee Chair, or a Committee member in the area of your research.  To find the current Chair and committee members under Committee