LAS Honors curriculum requirements:

Membership in LAS Honors requires students to develop a program of study (POS) that reflects the intellectual depth and breadth that distinguish Honors curricula from the standard criteria for graduation. The POS must include the following:

  • A minimum of 60 credits at the 300-level or above
  • 2 Honors seminars (Hon 321 or 322)
  • 2 Honors courses or 500+ courses (minimum of 4 credits and does not include Engl 250H)

LAS Honors timeline and deadlines

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Committee recognizes that each student has their own path to graduation which may not include the traditional number of credits earned each term. As such, the committee determined the deadlines for Honors requirements by starting with a student’s term of graduation (G) and counting backwards from there. The table below outlines the deadlines for the various requirements for members of the LAS Honors Program. Some students might find that their educational plan does not work with this template; if you find yourself in this situation please contact the LAS Honors advising liaison at for assistance developing an appropriate set of deadlines.

All submission deadlines are September 21 or February 21 (or the school day following if the 21st falls on a weekend or holiday)

LAS Honors Timeline